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Sonnen vs. Stann: Chael?s making ?the first defense of his middleweight title?

Sonnen vs. Stann: Chael?s making ?the first defense of his middleweight title?Are we getting enough Chael Sonnen before his fight this week at UFC 136? Brent Brookhouse over at Bloody Elbow says no. I'd agree with that except for the fact that there's two title fights on the card and those guys have to get the lion share of the attention with major media outlets.

So that means Sonnen will have to get his word out via the blogosphere. He's doing it well. The middleweight contender had an epic conversation with Mauro Ranallo on the Score's "The MMA Show" podcast.

Sonnen has been consistent with his approach to Brian Stann, so he had nothing bad to say about the military veteran, but it's clear he's looking ahead to another shot at Anderson Silva. Sonnen's actually calling this fight "the first defense of his middleweight title."

Aside from suggesting that Silva is the biggest "dirtbag" in the sport, he avoided talking about the UFC middleweight champ.

At the end of the interview, he could contain himself no longer.

"You tell Anderson Silva I'm coming over and I'm kicking down his backdoor and patting his little lady on the ass and I'm telling her to make me a steak, medium-rare just how I like it," said Sonnen.

Sonnen threw in a dig at another Brazilian fighter, Vitor Belfort:

"What do you want me to do? Respond to a chicken who never shows up to fight? What do you want me to do? Respond to a guy that backs down on the scale because some idiot puts a mask on of Phantom of the Opera? You want me to take this clown seriously? Look, he hits hard, I think he's a very skilled fighter, I think he's a wimp and I don't think that he'd show up to save his life and I think that's wise," said Sonnen (17:00 mark).

He also had much to say about his thoughts on Wanderlei Silva:

"Sucks," said Sonnen.

Ranallo was rolling throughout the interview simply saying "this guy is amazing."

Sonnen actually accused Ranallo of being a huge liar because he used to work for PRIDE and over-hyped the promotion.

Watch UFC 136 right here on Yahoo! Sports


David Baron 

Jose Aldo - The Champ's Lessons


Marcus Davis  Tony DeSouza  Edwin Dewees  Nick Diaz 

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UFC will be less elite in the future than now?

I remember reading another topic about a month ago about how in a few years UFC wont be the same,sorry to bring it up again but i was wondering...


Thiago Alves  Andre Amade  Dean Amasinger  Jimmy Ambriz

UFC 136 LIVE RESULTS: Penick's round by round report of Edgar vs. Maynard III event in Houston

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

OCTOBER 8, 2011

-Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan introduce the show by running down what's on tap for tonight's pay-per-view card. The prelims on Facebook left a bit to be desired, but the rest of the way is the UFC's most stacked fight card of the year, including two fantastic fights on paper for this Spike TV broadcast.


ROUND ONE: Stephens took to the center as Pettis circled around initially. Stephens pressed in and landed the first strike. Pettis landed a short strike and backed away. Stephens landed a leg kick as they tested each other's range. Pettis threw a straight kick. Stephens got in with another nice leg kick. Stephens pressed in and scored a takedown into Pettis' guard. Pettis set up for a triangle chokes and Stephens defended. Pettis kicked him off and got to his feet. Pettis threw a leg kick and it landed to the groin so the action stopped. Pettis cracked Stephens with a nice right. Stephens landed a couple. Pettis snapped in a couple of leg kicks and followed up with a short combo. Stephens landed a hard leg kick. Pettis walked Stephens down with a couple of short kicks. Pettis threw a high kick that was blocked. Stephens grabbed a clinch and pressed Pettis to the cage. Stephens grabbed a single leg and Pettis held off the takedown. Stephens completed the takedown but Pettis had his back on the cage. Pettis locked up a guillotined attempt but couldn't hold onto it. Pettis got back to his feet. Pettis got separation. They traded punches with Stephens landing a nice hard right. Pettis threw a high capoeira kick to end the round but it didn't land.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Pettis. Though he was taken down twice, he was attacking on the ground and overall got the better of the exchanges. Close round, though.

ROUND TWO: Stephens landed an early leg kick low. Both fighters landed punches in an exchange. Pettis landed a nice left. Pettis then shot in and took Stephens down and into side control against the cage. Stephens got to butterfly guard. Pettis threw his legs aside and landed a hard strike. He grabbed for a side choke and got into half guard. Pettis tried to pass to mount but Stephens regained half guard. Stephens got to his feet but Pettis stayed on him against the cage. Pettis took his back standing but Stephens got back around. Pettis pulled Stephens back to the canvas. Stephens threw a few body punches and got to his feet. He landed a knee to the body. Pettis scored his third takedown and went back to work in the half guard. Stephens again worked back up. Stephens went for a kimura standing but Pettis landed on his back and got both hooks in with a minute left. Pettis grabbed a body triangle. and landed some strikes from behind. Pettis grabbed for a rear naked choke but Stephens defended. Stephens got out as Pettis went for an armbar and landed a strike as he ate an upkick to finish the round.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Pettis. Very good round for Pettis. He was aggressive with his grappling and out-worked Stephens on the ground, and came close to a couple of finishing positions.

ROUND THREE: Stephens threw a big overhand right early but it was blocked. Stephens then shot in and scored an early takedown. Pettis landed a couple of strikes from the bottom and threw up for the triangle. Stephens popped out of it and stood up. Pettis walked him down and threw a couple of strikes. He landed a leg kick. He went high with the next one but it was blocked. He shot in and went for a sub after Stephens stuffed the takedown. Pettis swept Stephens while on his back and then got into a clinch on the cage. That was pretty. Pettis then tripped Stephens up and completed the takedown. Stephens worked back to his feet but Pettis stayed on him in the clinch. Stephens went for a throw but Pettis held it off, landed a kick and then took Stephens down. Stephens got up again. Pettis went for another takedown and Stephens countered and got on top. After another scramble Pettis got into the clinch standing and pressed Stephens to the cage. He landed a few knees to the thighs. Stephens turned Pettis around and went for a takedown but Pettis held him off. Pettis held off one last takedown attempt before the fight ended and this should be his decision.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Pettis. He out-grappled Stephens in this fight, and even when Stephens took him down he couldn't do anything. Good fight from Pettis to bounce back from the Guida loss.

Penick's Final Score: 30-27 Pettis

WINNER: Pettis via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (**) Not quite the fight people were hoping for, but still a good back and forth fight between two good lightweights. While a lot of the exchanges were close and Pettis didn't run away with it, I'm not sure I see the argument for Stephens winning two rounds in this one. Pettis was the only one attacking when the fight hit the ground, and he scored on as many or more takedowns down the stretch.

RAMIFICATIONS: Pettis gets back "into the mix" in the heavily packed lightweight division, and he'll get another step up in his next fight. Stephens dropped another split decision, and he'll remain firmly in the middle of the pack.


ROUND ONE: Santiago came out the aggressor, pressing Maia back and landing an early body kick. He grabbed the clinch and separated. Both started swinging punches at one another and Maia then shot in and secured a takedown. Maia tried to pass but Santiago kicked him off and popped to his feet. He grabbed the clinch and pressed Maia to the cage. Maia turned him around and landed a knee before they separated. Santiago landed a short right. Maia tried to land one over the top but missed. Santiago got in a leg kick. Santiago pressed in and landed a hard right but Maia clipped him with a hook. Santiago landed a flying knee but Maia caught it and took him down. Maia landed a couple of elbows. Santiago tried to kick him off again and Maia stayed on him in the guard. Maia landed a few strikes and stacked up on Santiago against the cage. Santiago got in an up kick as Maia stood but Maia dropped back into guard. He rode out the round on top.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Maia. Good start to the fight for Maia. He's holding his own striking and added a few takedowns into the mix as well.

ROUND TWO: Santiago threw a couple of early kicks as he walked Maia down. Maia landed a left to the body as Santiago landed a body kick. Maia landed a few strikes as Santiago got in close. Santiago threw the high kick again that was blocked. They traded punches. Maia missed a big overhand left and Santiago countered with a few strikes. Santiago landed a couple of hard strikes but Maia grabbed a clinch. He secured a single leg and took Santiago down. Maia passed to half guard briefly but Santiago held him off again. Maia stood and Santiago held him off with kicks before Maia dropped back down. Maia almost passed but got stuck in Santiago's butterfly guard. He stood again and Santiago landed an upkick, with Maia dropping back into guard. Maia again ended the round in guard to the boos of the crowd.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-10. Santiago had the better of the few exchanges on the feet, but Maia had positional control on the ground. Still, Santiago stifled him and wouldn't allow Maia to get in any offense on the ground.



Tank Abbott Hiroyuki Abe Cyril Abidi  Daniel Acacio

Gray Maynard: ?I feel like I'm the guy who can beat everyone.?

Rather than keeping cool in the air conditioning over the summer, Gray Maynard found himself consumed by a fire sparked months earlier after his title-fight against Frank Edgar at UFC 125 was named a draw by ringside judges. Now, nine months later, Maynard will finally have a chance to unleash the flames he?s internalized since [...]


Spencer Fisher Jon Fitch Kenny Florian Jesse Forbes

Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski Recorded Live Video Chat July 8th 2011 - Andrei Arlovski

Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski Recorded Live Video Chat July 8th 2011 Video by Andrei Arlovski


Ryo Piranha Chonan  Dan The Sandman Christison  Logan The Pink Pounder Clark  Steve The Snake Claveau 

UFC 136's Lauzon wary of foe's striking but thinks he's bad matchup for Guillard

HOUSTON - Gone are the days of true "striker vs. grappler" affairs at the UFC level, and UFC 136's Joe Lauzon is quite aware of that fact.

But his main-card matchup with Melvin Guillard appears about close as one can get - see Lauzon's three "Submission of the Night" victories in his past five fights vs. Guillard's seven (out of eight total) career losses via tapout.

So Lauzon's strategy for Saturday night's event at Houston's Toyota Center should be no shocker. The 27-year-old jiu-jitsu specialist said he knows the task won't be easy, but he's willing to go out on his shield making an effort.


Hiroyuki Abe Cyril Abidi  Daniel Acacio Bernard Ackah 

JZ Cavalcante Post Fight vs Wilcox Wants to Return to Action Soon - JZ Cavalcante

JZ Cavalcante Post Fight vs Wilcox Wants to Return to Action Soon Video by JZ Cavalcante


Ian Freeman Don Frye Tony Fryklund Kazuyuki Fujita

After comeback fight failed, UFC 136's Jorge Santiago ready to show the real him

Jorge Santiago quickly realized he'd messed up in his return to the octagon.

"It took me like a half-hour," he today told Radio. "Soon as I left the ring, I was like, '[Expletive].' That wasn't me."

Santiago's thoughts came in the late hours of May 30 as the main card of UFC 130 got into full swing. He had fallen to Brian Stann's punches in the second round, which deflated a wave of hype that brought him back to the UFC after a five-year absence.


Mikhail Avetisyan Luiz Azeredo  Luciano Azevedo  Ba Te er 

Alexis Vila?s long road to Bellator includes defection, prison

Alexis Vila?s long road to Bellator includes defection, prison

Cuban wrestler-turned-fighter Alexis Vila became a well-known name in MMA on Saturday, when he knocked out fellow world-class wrestler Joe Warren in the opening round of Bellator's bantamweight tournament. Before starting in MMA and putting together a 10-0, Vila's past includes an Olympic bronze medal, a world silver medal, a defection to the United States from Cuba and a stint in prison.

Vila was once part of Cuba's dominant freestyle wrestling team, winning a bronze at the 1996 Olympics. He defected to the U.S. in 1997, leaving behind his family and country, and began coaching at Michigan State where he worked with future UFC fighters Rashad Evans and Gray Maynard. Then, he got into a car accident that changed his life.

Just three years after September 11, Vila crashed his car into a terminal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. No one was hurt, but authorities thought he was attempting a terrorist act and charged him with airport violence. He could have gone to prison for 20 years. Vila plead down for a three-year jail sentence.

He talked about his time in prison on the MMA Hour:

"I was in prison for three years," Vila said. "It's no good. I'm a little guy so people who don't know me try things all the time. So I fought a lot. They didn't believe that I could fight. I said when I get out and I fight I'm going to be the champ."

At five-foot-four, Vila doesn't have an imposing figure, but he does have the kind of cauliflower ear that can only be earned through years of brutal training. His tormentors in prison likely learned the same lesson as Warren did on Saturday night: You don't mess with a little man with a bad left hook.

Next, he'll take that striking and world-class wrestling to Arizona, where he'll fight Marcos Galvao in the Bellator semifinals on Oct. 22.


David Baron  Phil Baroni Don Barr Pat Barry 

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Bellator 52 Highlights


Martinsh Egle Eric Butterbean Esch Efrain Escudero Rashad Evans

Ryan Ford Post Nick Hinchliffe Interview - Ryan Ford

Ryan Ford Post Nick Hinchliffe Interview Video by Ryan Ford


Jon Olav Einemo Per Eklund Jason Ellis Aleksander Emelianenko

Weekend MMA (7th - 9th Oct)

UFC, Bellator, and several smaller organisations including fighters such as Gabriel Gonzaga, Patrick Cote, Sokoudjou, John Howard, Din Thomas &...


Masakatsu Funaki Zelg Benkei Galesić Mauro Galvao Arman Gambaryan

Gracie Challenges

What are your opinions of when back in the 90s, Gracie BJJ students would show up at karate or tae kwon do dojos and challenge the people there to a fight? I think it was a bitch move and I dont...


John Alessio  Houston Alexander Ricardo Almeida  Eddie Alvarez

UFC boss says no to Edgar vs. Maynard IV regardless of UFC 136 outcome

If champ Frankie Edgar beats challenger Gray Maynard at Saturday's UFC 136 event, that will give each a win to accompany a frustrating draw in their second bout back at UFC 125.

Usually, rubber matches are booked when a series is tied. But UFC president Dana White today said that he'd rather just move on.

"(Let's) put it behind us," White said.


Marcio Pe de Pano Cruz Luke Cummo  Jeff Big Frog Curran Dai Shuanghai 

Gray Maynard May or May Not Be Considering Modeling Career After UFC 136

Filed under: , , ,

HOUSTON -- MMA Fighting spoke to Gray Maynard on Thursday about his UFC 136 fight against Frankie Edgar, his new hairstyle, his demeanor going into this third fight and whether he thinks he has Edgar's number.


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Branden Lee Hinkle Tank Abbott Hiroyuki Abe Cyril Abidi 

And on the Horizon, the Flyweights

At UFC on Versus 6?s post-fight presser, Dana White promised a new division stocked with micro-sized fighters to root for ? the flyweights ? and predicted the addition of this new weight class to the Octagon early next year.� Which, of course, begs the question: Where are these diminutive warriors going to come from?� All [...]


Dan The Sandman Christison  Logan The Pink Pounder Clark  Steve The Snake Claveau  Rich No Love Clementi 

Gracie Challenges

What are your opinions of when back in the 90s, Gracie BJJ students would show up at karate or tae kwon do dojos and challenge the people there to a fight? I think it was a bitch move and I dont...


Josh Hendricks Ed Herman Heath Herring Branden Lee Hinkle

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thiago Santos vs. Josh Burns tourney-reserve fight added to Bellator 53

Saturday's Bellator 53 main card has a late addition.

With heavyweight-tournament semifinalist Mike Hayes potentially facing a scratch due to a medical suspension, officials have booked a tourney-reserve bout between Thiago Santos and Josh Burns.

The winner gets the tourney spot if Hayes isn't cleared to continue.


Ryan Bader  Siyar Bahadurzada Bao Ligao  Josh Barnett 

Behind the UFC 136 numbers: A complete statistical breakdown of 'Edgar vs Maynard 3'


Leonard Garcia Andrew Gardner Tiki Ghosn Dennis George

Vitor Belfort Discusses 'The Spider' & Brash American, Chael Sonnen

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer</B><BR><BR>

Despite being handily dismantled by Anderson Silva back at UFC 126, Vitor Belfort still believes he?s capable of dethroning the champion, and he?s not afraid to make that known.<BR><BR>

In a recent interview with MMAInterviews.TV, Vitor dished on Silva, as well as the brash self-promoting machine, Chael Sonnen.<BR><BR>

When asked about the current champion, Belfort responded with respectful confidence, stating, "Hands down, he won the fight. We won't question that. We won't question his ability. We won't question his greatness as a fighter. He really accomplished his training that he did. It was a lucky moment, but it wasn't a lucky kick for him because he trained that kick, but it was a lucky moment in the fight. He knows I can knock him out."<BR><BR>

As for Chael, Vitor was surprisingly open to serve compliments.<BR><BR>

"If they want to give this fight to Chael Sonnen, Chael Sonnen has his moment, and I think he's the only guy who deserves to fight Anderson Silva in the moment, but besides him, I think I deserve a rematch," states Belfort. However, it wasn?t all compliments aimed at Chael, who Belfort does seem to respect.<BR><BR>

"Chael Sonnen is a very boring fighter. He doesn't knock people out, but he can wrestle you, and if you don't know the Jiu-Jitsu game, you'll be in trouble with him," Belfort observes.<BR><BR>

Check out the full video interview right here: <A HREF="" target="_Blank"></A><BR><BR>


Leave your feedback on this article by posting a comment directly below! You can also chat about the card in the <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>MMANEWS.COM Forums</B></A> and/or the <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>MMANEWS.COM Facebook</B></A>. If that wasn't enough, MMANEWS.COM is now on Twitter as well <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>@mmanewsdotcom</B></A>.<BR><BR>


Zelg Benkei Galesić Mauro Galvao Arman Gambaryan Manvel Gamburyan

Newcomer Dustin Jacoby replaces injured Tim Credeur at UFC 137

An injury has forced Tim “Crazy” Credeur out of his scheduled middleweight fight against Brad Tavares at UFC 137. UFC President Dana White announced that stepping in to replace Credeur at the October 29th event will be Dustin Jacoby. The undefeated Jacoby (6-0) will be making his debut with the UFC. He has finished all [...]

Newcomer Dustin Jacoby replaces injured Tim Credeur at UFC 137 is a post from: MMA Interplay UFC News


Yves Edwards  Justin Eilers  Jon Olav Einemo Per Eklund

Nate Diaz is right in the middle of the lightweight title chase

Nate Diaz is right in the middle of the lightweight title chase

Nate Diaz is a carbon copy of his older brother Nick. He has a very similar skill set, and like his wacky bro, he's a bit off kilter. Thankfully, he's not completely unmanageable like Nick is which means Nate has a real shot to be challenging for the UFC 155-pound title some time in 2012.

Nate's improving maturity was on display at UFC 135. The 26-year-old was facing one of his idols, but never got suckered into fighting recklessly. He methodically broke down Takanori Gomi and thoroughly dominated the Japanese legend in a first round submission victory.

It was a triumphant return to a division, Diaz should've never exited. His experiment at 170 pounds produced so-so results. Now he's back at 155 where his 6-foot frame and style make it rough on a division filled with guys in the 5-7 to 5-9 range. While Diaz was gone, he watched some of his previous victims move into prime positions.

"A lot of the guys I beat are top contenders at 55. Melvin Guillard is about to get a title [shot] and [Clay] Guida, I beat up Guida pretty good," Diaz said. "I can't stay at 70 when all the guys I'm whuppin' are at the top of the [lightweight] division."

Where should Diaz be ranked? Currently, he's not part of the latest USA Today/Bloody Elbow rankings:

1. Frank Edgar

2. Gray Maynard

3. Gilbert Melendez

4. Shinya Aoki

5. Eddie Alvarez

6. Clay Guida

7. Ben Henderson

8. Jim Miller

9. Melvin Guillard

10. Anthony Pettis

11. B.J. Penn

12. Tatsuya Kawajiri


David Bielkheden Michael Bisping  Dan Bobish Vagam Bodjukyan

UFC 136: Jose Aldo's Second Chance to Destroy Foolish Assumptions


Edwin Dewees  Nick Diaz  Tadhg Steamfist Dixon Joe Doerksen 

Peralta vs. Semerzier, Bradley vs. Pierce, Lucas vs. Rosa added to UFC on FOX 1

A trio of new bouts has been added to UFC on FOX 1.

UFC brass today announced that Robert Peralta vs. Mackens Semerzier, Paul Bradley vs. Mike Pierce and Matt Lucas vs. Aaron Rosa will all take place at the Nov. 12 event in Anaheim, Calif.

UFC on FOX 1 features a heavyweight title fight between current champ Cain Velasquez and top contender Junior Dos Santos. The main event airs on FOX, but broadcast plans for the remainder of the contests have yet to be announced.


Kazuyuki Fujita Masakatsu Funaki Zelg Benkei Galesić Mauro Galvao

?The Reem? video series returns: Overeem and UFC hooked up for the fans

?The Reem? video series returns: Overeem and UFC hooked up for the fansThe Reem is ready to wreak havoc permanently in America.

With Alistair Overeem signed by the UFC, anticipation is building for his Dec. 30 fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141.

The latest edition of "The Reem" documentary takes us through the fighter's visit to the U.S., and the Las Vegas offices of the UFC.

He stops first in Los Angeles to scout gyms where he meets up with an old friend in former UFC heavyweight Antoni Hardonk. Then it's on to Sin City to meet with UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta and sign his contract.

Overeem is jacked to be amongst the best big men in the world.

"The UFC is regarded as the No. 1 organization. That's my drive. I love challenges," said Overeem (9:55 mark).

The rabid MMA fanbase was also a factor in Overeem giving up K-1 to fight exclusively for the UFC.

"I have so many fans asking me when are you going to the UFC? It's time for you to go there. So that was a factor," Overeem said. "When I think of the possible dream match ups and the whole thing that comes with it, I'm just very excited."

Fertitta agreed that fans were vocal about seeing Overeem in the organization.

"From the UFC's standpoint, one of the goals we have is that we wanna put together the biggest fights that we can for the fans. And I think when you look at Alistair, he's obviously one of the best heavyweights in the world and the fans are demanding it. They want to see Alistair fight the best guys," said Fertitta (12:00 mark).

The clash between the massive Brock Lesnar and the imposing striker could be one for the ages.

"The fight with me and Brock, that just all excites me. He's a big guy, I'm a big guy," Overeem said (13:30 mark). "He brings it, I bring it. That fight will not go the distance."


Tony DeSouza  Edwin Dewees  Nick Diaz  Tadhg Steamfist Dixon

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Sheep Gets Revenge

Karma's a sheep.


Delson Heleno Dan Henderson Josh Hendricks Ed Herman

What number am I thinking?

Guess the number I'm thinking and win yourself 50,000 credits.

The number range is 1-100.

You may post once every 1 minute (double posting allowed).


Gerard Gordeau Jonathan Goulet Wilson Gouveia Jason Grace

At UFC on Versus 6, Struve taps out Barry

At UFC on Versus 6, Struve taps out Barry

In one of the weirder looking fights in the UFC, the 6-foot-11 Stefan Struve submitted the 5-foot-11 Pat Barry in the co-main event of the UFC on Versus 6 in Washington, D.C., on Saturday evening. The fight started slow but had an exciting finish.

The two felt each other out for more than two minutes before truly engaging in the first round. With the unusual height difference, it was understandable, but not exactly exciting. Struve used a push kick to keep Barry from closing the distance, and while Barry did land a head kick and punch combinations. Neither fighter decisively took the round.

Early in the second round, Barry wobbled Struve with an uppercut then followed up with a head kick and leg kicks. Struve took Barry down, and tried to first grab a guillotine. He couldn't finish it, but as Barry got his head out of the choke, Struve transitioned into a triangle choke. Barry stood up with Struve still attached and slammed Struve onto his back, but that only tightened to choke. Barry was forced to tap at 3:22 in the second round.

This win puts Struve at 22-5, while Barry experienced his second exciting loss -- if there can be such a thing -- in a row. In his last fight, Barry was KOed by Cheick Kongo while being on the brink of winning by TKO. Barry, who started with a career in kickboxing, falls to 6-4.


Patrick The Predator Côté  Randy The Natural Couture  Dan Cramer Alberto Crane

Just a skinny kid with Gloves....yeah im talking about SHOGUN!-.-VIDEO


Gesias JZ Calvancante  Luiz Cane  Dos Caras Jr   Phil Cardella

UFC 136 Prelims to Stream on Facebook

As expected, Saturday's entire UFC 136 fight card will be broadcast, with four preliminary bouts set to stream on ahead of a pair of prelims on Spike TV at 8pm ET and the five-fight pay-per-view main card at 9pm ET.

UFC 136 is headlined by a pair of title fights as lightweight champion Frankie Edgar faces Gray Maynard for the third time and featherweight title-holder Jose Aldo takes on Kenny Florian.


Tyson Griffin Karn Grigorian Karen Grigoryan Kendall Grove

Randy Orton Is A Work Horse, Stacy Keibler/George Clooney

– Many people that have tickets to the Night of Champions PPV stated they were invited to take part in a group survey to discuss upcoming WWE Studios films. They would be paid $20 to watch scenes from a film and discuss the positives and negatives. WWE has John Cena’s Family Reunion, Edge’s Inside Out, and the horror film No One Lives on the way.
– It has been reported that from August 27th through September 5th, World champion Randy Orton wrestled every day except for one that was used for ...


Jaime Gutierrez Dave Gomez Keith Hackney Matt Hamill

Cung Le talks about WAnd, and his issues with keyboard warriors.-.VIDEO


Luiz Buscapé Firmino Spencer Fisher Jon Fitch Kenny Florian

pat miletich talks strikforce sept 10th 2011

pat miletich talking strikforce sept 10th 2011


Joe Doerksen  Chris Dolman Edson Drago  Tomasz Drwal

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Possessing unreal physical tools, Jones may also be the smartest fighter in MMA

Possessing unreal physical tools, Jones may also be the smartest fighter in MMA

Whether you were watching mixed martial arts for the first time or you're a long time fan, seeing Jon Jones last night must've had many shaking their heads in disbelief. The 24-year-old is an absolute phenom. Jones dominated and stopped a guy, in Quinton Jackson, who hadn't been submitted in a fight since 2001.

Youth was on his side as he was simply too long and athletic for the veteran Quinton Jackson. As ridiculous as Jones' physical tools are, listening to him analyze the fight during the postfight press conference, has me thinking that his mental grasp of the game might be the scariest thing for future opponents.

Jones and his coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn came up with a great game plan and the young fighter executed it almost perfectly.

"Our strategy was to fight long and make each shot count ... use a lot of the low kicks to set up higher kicks and shoot straight," Jones. "You know, Rampage has knocked out some of the best in the sport, but he tends to knock them out while they're swinging hooks. That's why I did a lot of upkicks and straight punches, because he does the best when he's rolling off hooks."

Even at the most intense moments of the fight, Jones is thinking about each move he makes.

"Each round things were starting to slow down for both of us. We were starting to reach fatigue. We were starting to weigh on each other. I just felt after the takedown, his explosiveness didn't feel very strong."

Jones explained why it was time to turn it up a notch.

"I just felt like he was saying 'darnit, I'm against the cage and I'm down.' I knew it was going to be hard to fight out of that position. I knew that position would've took a lot of energy for him to try get out of that. I felt that moment was coming where anything devastating would've been a major blow to the effort to comeback. I just took it."

Taking it included crushing Jackson with a well-placed knee to the chest. Rampage, clearly hurt, said he wanted to protect a cut over his right eye so he rolled to the side. Jones jumped on top and finished with a rear-naked choke.

It was a brilliant performance, but Jones was still in self-critical mode following the easy win.

"It teaches me a lot about my skillset and things I need to work on. There were a lot of times Rampage swung at me and instead of defending technically, I kind of ran like a little girl and turned my back. I need to work on my slipping and evading, and my comfort in the pocket," said Jones.

Does that sound like any other fighters in the UFC? That's same attitude you hear from UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez and the welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre. They never get too high or low before, during and after a fight. Dominant champions have that it factor. It appears Jones and Velasquez have the potential to dominate for a long time just like GSP and Anderson Silva have in an era that's more competitve than ever.

Other popular stories on Yahoo! Sports:
? Phenom Jones outclasses Jackson at UFC 135
? Jones defends light heavyweight title in convincing fashion
? After yet another thorough win, can anybody stop Jon Jones?


Daniel Acacio Bernard Ackah  Terrance Aflague Yoshihiro Akiyama 

Sheep Gets Revenge

Karma's a sheep.


Daniel Acacio Bernard Ackah  Terrance Aflague Yoshihiro Akiyama 

Heavyweight semifinalists emerge at Bellator 52

The latest Bellator tournament took to the airwaves in the form of tonight’s heavyweight affair featuring eight “big boys” vying for an opportunity to take on undefeated champion Cole Konrad and earn a $100,000 payday in the process. Bellator 52 unfolded in Lake Charles, Louisiana and entertained from start to finish with the quarterfinal fights [...]


Karn Grigorian Karen Grigoryan Kendall Grove Clay Guida

Reminder: 'Countdown to UFC 136' debuts tonight on Spike TV

As a reminder, "Countdown to UFC 136" debuts tonight on Spike TV.

The one-hour preview show, which airs at 11 p.m. ET/PT, focuses on Saturday's UFC 136 event, a pay-per-view offering that takes place at Houston's Toyota Center.

The event features championship co-headliners of lightweight champ Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard, as well as featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo vs. Kenny Florian.


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