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A Closer Look At UFC 132: Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben

With four entries down and only two more to go, ?A Closer Look At ufc 132? is almost over, fans and friends. I?ve taken the time to give my in-depth analysis on the entire card, and now there?s only the co-main event and main event left. If you want to look back on the first [...]


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Dana White 'Disgusted' With Nate Marquardt, Says He Needs To Man Up

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer<Br><Br>

UFC President Dana White made an appearance during the live broadcast of UFC On Versus 4 to discuss the Nate Marquardt situation and although he was unable to explain exactly what it was that caused Marquardt to fail his medicals and be forced out of the main event, he didn't hold back when voicing his frustrations with the former middleweight title contender who he fired following the incident this weekend:<Br><Br>

"I think it's pretty clear to the fans and everyone else that I'm disgusted with Nate Marquardt. He's been cut by the UFC and he won't fight for the UFC again. Bottom line: What Nate Marquardt did is bad enough to be cut by the UFC.... He has no business fighting in the UFC.... This is one of those situations where, because of the laws in Pennsylvania, Nate Marquardt is going to have to man up and tell the world why he didn't pass. And when he does, I think everyone will understand why he was cut from the UFC." <Br><Br>

To drive home the seriousnes of Marquardt's firing, White explained that he understands mistakes get made but you don't cross the boss after being given a second chance in the past:<Br><br>

"I give a lot of guys chances, and a lot of guys make mistakes. Nate Marquardt is one of those guys. So for me to come out and say that Nate Marquardt isn't going to fight in the UFC anymore, it's got to be pretty serious."<Br><Br>

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HYDEN BLOG: Going Over UFC on Versus 4 and Bellator 46

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch contributor

I'm kind of torn when it comes to the job Dan Miragliotta did during the Pat Barry vs. Cheick Kongo fight. On the one hand, he let them fight. That's good as it lets a guy come back. On the other hand, he did put his hands on Barry which usually is the signal to stop.

I think the final opinion on this comes down to what happens to Barry after this fight. If Pat Barry gets cut from the UFC, Miragliotta did a bad job. However, if Barry stays with the UFC for at least one more fight, it's no big deal what happened in this fight. I feel as though Barry should be given one more chance, as it was kind of a raw deal what happened to him. I'm not going to blast Miragliotta because we're all human, we all make mistakes. I think his biggest mistake was in placing his hands on Barry, but that's all forgotten if Barry gets another fight in the UFC.

I also have to mention Cheick Kongo's comeback. It was a great comeback, and he showed again that he can be a good mid-level fighter in the UFC Heavyweight division. I don't think he'll ever come close to a title shot, but he can be a good role player for the company. He's got some good power, and he showed it with those shots that dropped Barry.


Talk of Matt Mitrione getting a title shot in the UFC Heavyweight division is very premature. At the same time, though, why not entertain the possibility? Obviously, Junior Dos Santos is next in line to fight the champion, Cain Velasquez. However, after that, who else is more deserving? I think the UFC needs to put Mitrione in deep water by matching him against Frank Mir. The winner of that can fight the winner of Brendan Schaub vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, with the winner getting a title shot. Mitrione may or may not be ready, but let's find out for sure. Who else is more deserving? Remember that there were people who didn't think Jon Jones should have gotten his shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight title when he did. I'm not calling Mitrione Jones by any stretch, but it's not like it's going to ruin Mitrione if he were to lose to Mir.


The Bellator summer series started Saturday at Bellator 46.

Marlon Sandro looked pretty good as he defeated Genair da Silva by split decision. I thought he was the aggressor throughout and deserved the decision. The judge who gave the fight to da Silva was oblivious to that, apparently. Genair was moving backwards almost the entire fight and wasn't doing a whole lot.

Ronnie Mann was the better and more technical fighter against Adam Schindler. Mann was more impressive with his crisp punches compared to Schindler's wild looping shots. Mann looked good in victory.

Nazareno Malegarie was finally able to lock in the choke in round three as he beat Jacob DeVree. Malegarie was trying for the submission all throughout the fight and finally got it. It was a good technical battle.

Pat Curran locked in the Peruvian Necktie submission as he beat Luis Palomino in the first round. It was a pretty powerful display by Curran as he looked fantastic in this fight.

I think Sandro and Curran looked the best among the four winners. This is how you run a tournament or grand prix or whatever you want to call it. Having the fighters all fight on the same card, with the winners facing each other the next month, that's how you do it. Strikeforce bobbled the ball with their Heavyweight Grand Prix. The potential for a tournament like this in the UFC would be awesome in any of their divisions.

I want to send a big congratulations to Jessica Aguilar for her victory over Carla Esparza at Bellator 46. I interviewed Jessica last week and I thought she was an extremely nice and motivated person. It was a tough fight, but JAG persevered and picked up the split decision win. Congrats to her.

Comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to me at


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5 Oz. MMA Link Club

Welcome back to another ediition of ?MMA Link Club?, Five Ounces of Pain?s weekly smorgasbord of offerings from our brothers and sisters in the MMA community. Enjoy? Wanderlei Silva Has Some Strong Words for Chris Leben ( Kimbo Slice Ready to Make Boxing Debut in August ( Charlie Brenneman Talks About UFC Live 4 Victory [...]


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Overeem Talks Werdum Post Fight


Alex Andrade  Jermaine Andrè  Yoji Anjo  Ao Hailin 

Facebook streams four remaining UFC 132 preliminary bouts

For the sixth-straight event, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will make its full card available for viewing. today confirmed with UFC officials that in addition to the previously announced pay-per-view and Spike TV broadcast plans, the promotion will also stream four preliminary-card matchups on Facebook.

Brian Bowles vs. Takeya Mizugaki, Aaron Simpson vs. Brad Tavares, Anthony Njokuani vs. Andre Winner and Jeff Hougland vs. Donny Walker will stream live beginning at 6 p.m. ET (3 p.m. PT local time).


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The Perfect Storm: An Early Look At The Strikeforce, Bellator, And UFC Events All Planned For Next Week

In mere hours, strikeforce is set to present ?Overeem vs. Werdum?. It?s an event that I?ve spoken about at length, and one that I?m incredibly excited for. In terms of pure excitement, the only thing that really comes close is the trifecta of shows planned for next week. You read that right, fans and friends: [...]


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Dana White 'Disgusted' With Nate Marquardt, Says He Needs To Man Up

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer<Br><Br>

UFC President Dana White made an appearance during the live broadcast of UFC On Versus 4 to discuss the Nate Marquardt situation and although he was unable to explain exactly what it was that caused Marquardt to fail his medicals and be forced out of the main event, he didn't hold back when voicing his frustrations with the former middleweight title contender who he fired following the incident this weekend:<Br><Br>

"I think it's pretty clear to the fans and everyone else that I'm disgusted with Nate Marquardt. He's been cut by the UFC and he won't fight for the UFC again. Bottom line: What Nate Marquardt did is bad enough to be cut by the UFC.... He has no business fighting in the UFC.... This is one of those situations where, because of the laws in Pennsylvania, Nate Marquardt is going to have to man up and tell the world why he didn't pass. And when he does, I think everyone will understand why he was cut from the UFC." <Br><Br>

To drive home the seriousnes of Marquardt's firing, White explained that he understands mistakes get made but you don't cross the boss after being given a second chance in the past:<Br><br>

"I give a lot of guys chances, and a lot of guys make mistakes. Nate Marquardt is one of those guys. So for me to come out and say that Nate Marquardt isn't going to fight in the UFC anymore, it's got to be pretty serious."<Br><Br>

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Before fighting Cruz, Faber takes on internet tough guys

In the age of online gaming with strangers, anonymous internet commenting, and fake Twitter accounts, it can be easy for someone to hide behind a keyboard when ripping on others. With the help of Jareb Dauplaise from "The Hard Times of R.J. Berger," Urijah Faber has an answer for that. (Warning, lots of foul language in the video.)

Dauplaise didn't do much to prepare Faber for his UFC 132 bout, but he did serve up a nice reminder to the internet tough guys and gals of the world. You never know who is on the other side of that keyboard.


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UFC on Versus 4 ratings: Versus broadcast averages 744,000 viewers

"UFC on Versus 4: Kongo vs. Barry," which aired this past Sunday night on Versus, drew an average audience of 744,000 viewers.

The number marks a small rebound from the series-low 681,000 viewers who witnessed March's UFC on Versus 3 event.

However, Spike TV's replay of "UFC Fight Night 22: Marquardt vs. Palhares," which aired in the same timeslot, actually outdrew the Versus broadcast with 793,000 viewers.


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Video ? Ronnie Mann knockout of Adam Schindler at Bellator 46

Ronnie “Kid Ninja” Mann advances to the semifinals of the Bellator Featherweight Tournament with a first round knockout of Adam Schindler at Bellator 46. Video – Ronnie Mann knockout of Adam Schindler at Bellator 46 is a post from: MMA Interplay UFC News

Video – Ronnie Mann knockout of Adam Schindler at Bellator 46 is a post from: MMA Interplay UFC News


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Cain Velasquez VS Junior Dos Santos UFC 138 Prediction


Heath Herring Branden Lee Hinkle Tank Abbott Hiroyuki Abe

BELLATOR 46 RESULTS: Carter's Live Report - Inaugural Summer Series - Entire Set Of Featherweight Quarterfinal Bouts

Bellator's inaugural Summer Series kicks of tonight from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The entire set of featherweight quarterfinal bouts will take place tonight: Pat Curran vs. Luis Palomino, Marlon Sandro vs. Genair da Silva, Nazareno Malegarie vs. Jacob DeVree, Ronnie Mann vs. Adam Schindler.

Fight 1 - Featherweight Quarterfinal: Ronnie Mann vs. Adam Schindler

Round 1:
Mann opens with a combo. Mann lands a right and then Schindler comes in with a right/left combo. Schindler continues to throw fast combos, but man stuns him. Schindler pushes Mann to the cage and does not get the takedown. They break. Schindler and Man exchange strong one-off punches, then man lands a head kick and Schindler follows with a push kick to the face. Mann lands a left and a crisp right. Schindler shoots and Mann shrugs it off. Schindler misses a high kick. Mann sets up a leg kick with a missed hand combo. The leg kick hits hard. Man misses a push kick. Mann catches a kick and just holds it. Mann lands a body kick. Schindler rushes in and Mann lands a right straight and then a left hook that puts Schindler down. Mann pounces and hammerfists Schindler out cold.

Mann defs. Schindler via KO - Round 1 - 4:14

Post Fight:
Mann said he listened to his corner man Shawn Tompkins and threw the combo that hurt Schindler when Tompkins called it out. He is excited to advance on in the tournament.

Fight Rating: *** This fight showcased how technique is key, and sloppy power can be exploited. Mann was in control most of the way, but this reminded me (to a degree) of what a young GSP looked like when he was coming up. Not to say that Mann is going to be like GSP in the future, but he definitely seems to value technique and accuracy.

Fight 2 - Featherweight Quarterfinal: Nazareno Malegarie vs. Jacob DeVree

Round 1
Both guys jump to the center and trade. Malegarie shoots and takes DeVree down. Malegarie ends up on his back locks on a tight guillotine. He works it. No dice, and DeVree gets out after a long time in the choke. Malegarie on his back with his back body lock, and then goes for a heel hook. DeVree steps over and gets out. Malegarie with closed guard and a body lock. The ref stands them up. DeVree is throwing wild punches, and Malegarie is taging him right back. Malegarie shoots and misses. Malegarie goes at it again and gets a single leg takedown. DeVree goes for a triangle off his back, but Malegarie stacks and rolls DeVree. Malegarie takes DeVree's back. The bell rings as Malegarie was working for a submission.

Round 2:
DeVree takes Malegarie down. Malegarie gets a guillotine again, and wall walks it over. DeVree gets out, but Malegarie lands in mount. Malegarie starts striking from the top. DeVree works to half guard, and Malegarie maintains control and works some strikes. Malegarie drives his head in to advance position then he pulls up to strike. Malegarie almost goes for another guillotine but changes his mind and strikes. Devree gets Malegarie in guard and then stands up. Malegarie pushes DeVree to the cage and then picks him up and slams DeVree to the canvas. Malegarie goes for a heel hook, and DeVree rolls out again. DeVree dives in with a right and Malegarie closes guard. The bell rings.

Round 3:

Malegarie gets a takedown early. He pushes DeVree to the cage. He looks for a submission while striking the ribs and the head. Malegarie locks on a guillotine and pulls guard with it locked on. DeVree taps from this third guillotine attempt.

Malegarie defs. DeVree via Submission (Guillotine) - Round 3 - 1:25

Post Fight:
Malegarie says this is the real him tonight. He also says he is going to continue to win and become the champion.

Fight Ranking **+/***-

Another exciting fight where technique dominated. Malegarie?s submission attempts were solid and DeVree gets credit for getting out. Still, as Jimmy Smith said you cannot win a fight just based on your ability to get out of submissions alone. So far it seems like the semifinals have the potential to be interesting, provided the remaining fights on tonight's card really showcase what these featherweights are bringing to the table.

Pre-recorded Segment: Jimmy Smith showcases the danger of leaving your arm in when escaping a triangle attempt. He has Jade and Mercedes (two very attractive ladies) show how this can result in an armbar.

Fight 3 - Featherweight Quarterfinal: Marlon Sandro vs. Genair da Silva

Round 1:
Sandro comes in with a combo. Da Silva moves in with a push kick. Both men are bouncing and moving quickly. Da Silva lands a combo up top. Sandro backs da Silva up with a missed combo. Da Silva lands a nice leg kick. Sandro lands a left hook and a leg kick. Da Silva throws a kick to the head and it misses. Sandro works in and da Silva angles off. Da Silva throws a head kick. Sandro rocks da Silva with a hook and swarms da Silva. Da Silva looks out of it, but he maintains after they flurry and then Sandro goes for a guillotine and da Silva gets out and goes for Sandro?s back. Sandro shrugs him off in the scramble. Both men are on their feet. (Da Silva was in trouble, it is remarkable he is back up and active.) Sandro follows with body shots as the bell rings.

Round 2:

The come out active and there is cup-shot early in the round. The action starts up again and Sandro catches a kick and da Silva spins around to get his foot out. Da Sliva jogs around the cage. Sandro stalks and tags da Silva with combos. Da Silva answers, but Sandro can evade the wild striking of da Silva. Da Silva throws a high head kick that misses. Then with a body kick that is blocked by Sandro. Sandro faints a superman punch. Da Silva throws an inside leg kick. The ref calls for more action, but it is noted by the commentators that neither fighter speaks English. The bell rings.

Round 3:

Da Silva lands a hard kick to the Sandro?s cup. Sandro takes a minute and continues. Da Silva lands a punch and shoots. Sandro holds him off. Da Silva lands a good right hand, and shoots. Sandro?s back is to the cage. Da Silva works knees, and is warned about grabbing the fence. The ref breaks them and scolds da Silva. Sandro throws a front kick to the body. Sandro shoots a single leg and da Silva shrugs it off. Da Silva with a spinning back kick, and then there is a body kick to follow. Da Silva throws a kick and Sandro blocks. Then he takes da Silva down. Sandro underhooks the leg and he gets upkicked while ground, but the ref says continue. They work back up to their feet and the bell rings with Sandro taunting da Silva.

Sandro defs. da Silva via Split Decision

Post Fight:
When asked why he tanted da Silva with very little time left, he says (in English) that he wants to have the best fight for him and for everyone (the fans).

Fight Ranking ***
Sandro had a nice showing, and he almost finished da Silva. Sandro looked the most well rounded tonight out of the first three fights, and I can see him being a favorite to take the whole tournament. His pedigree/ record can also point you in the same direction.

Fight 4 - Featherweight Quarterfinal: Pat Curran vs. Luis Palomino

Round 1:
Curran with a push kick, it misses. Palomino misses a leg kick. Both men are tentative and dance around. Palomino with another leg kick. Again, with another leg kick by Palomino. Both are waiting for the other to be aggressive. Curran lunges in with a flying knee. Palomino lands a combo. Curran knocks Palomino with a right, and then Curran lands a flying knee and runs back in with a kick. Palomino ends up on his back with Curran in half guard working for side control. Curran attempts a Darce choke, but Palomino gets out and changes position. Palomino is on his knees and Curran could take his back from side, but he locks on a Peruvian neck tie. Palomino taps.

Curran defs. Palomino via Submission (Peruvian Neck Tie/ Modified Guillotine) - Round 1 - 3:49

Post Fight:
Curran says he practices the PNT in the gym all the time so he took it when he saw it.

Fight Rating ***+
Curran looked confident, strong, and ready for this fight. I saw him fight Eddie Alvarez live, and this version of Curran might have done a little better against Alvarez. The finish was great! Palomino did not get a chance to open up as he was trying to be more conservative than usual. Curran would be the obvious favorite in this tournament, but I would love to see him go head-to-head with Marlon Sandro.

Well that was an exciting set of Featherweight Tournament bouts. This is going to be a fierce run to the Summer Series Tournament Championship.

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Bellator 46 Results: One Of Bellator's Best Shows And A Guaranteed "Sleeper Hit Of The Year" Contender

Last night, upstart promotion Bellator FC took to the airwaves for the first time since the end of their fourth season. This event was the first in Bellator?s ?Summer Series?, and before I say the following, I?d like to let everyone know that you should prepare yourself for a doozy of a statement, fans and [...]


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Jack Mason On A Quest To Be The Best; Thinks Paraisy Has Quit In Him

Jack Mason gives us his thoughts on his upcoming bout with Frenchman Norman Paraisy on CWFC 43. He thinks his opponent has quit in him, and this will...


Viacheslav Datsik Marcus Davis  Tony DeSouza  Edwin Dewees 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unofficial UFC Half-year Awards

Here we are half way through the year already. More than a few contenders for FOTY, KOTY, and SOTY have emerged. I thought it would be fun to have...


Junie Browning Paul Buentello  Josh Burkman  Mikey Burnett 

jaja Rampage still has beef with Ariel

anyone catch that after the fights?

I wish so bad he would drop that big nosed douche on his head.


Volk Han Joachim Hansen Antoni Hardonk Dan Hardy

PA Commission Doesn't Issue Many UFC on Versus 4 Medical Suspensions


Vitor Belfort  Robert Berry David Bielkheden Michael Bisping 

Choice of MMA Gear



Volk Han Joachim Hansen Antoni Hardonk Dan Hardy

Tony Ferguson vs. Aaron Riley set for UFC 135 in Denver

Less than a month from a first-round knockout win that netted him the title of "The Ultimate Fighter 14," Tony Ferguson has his next booking.

The UFC today announced the welterweight is set to meet veteran Aaron Riley at UFC 135, which takes place Sept. 24 at Denver's Pepsi Center.

The event's main card airs live on pay-per-view and features a light-heavyweight headliner between current champ Jon Jones and former champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.


Dean Amasinger  Jimmy Ambriz Matt Andersen  Alex Andrade 

Donald Cerrone in for injured John Makdessi against Paul Taylor at UFC on Versus 5

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

With John Makdessi pulling out of their bout at UFC on Versus 5 late last week, Brit Paul Taylor has been waiting for a replacement opponent from the UFC.

The wait is over, as ESPN UK reports that Taylor's new opponent for the event is "The Cowboy" Donald Cerrone.

Cerrone makes a quick turnaround from his last fight, which came earlier this month at UFC 131 in Vancouver. The former two-time WEC Lightweight Title challenger has won four fights in a row, including two inside the Octagon. His most recent win came by decision over Vagner Rocha.

Taylor makes his tenth appearance inside of the Octagon, and if he can pick up a win he'll get himself back to an even 5-5 in UFC fights. After losing two of his first three fights in the UFC, Taylor has gone 3-3 in his next six appearances. The former welterweight will also be making his third appearance in the lightweight division, having gone 1-1 in his two fights in the weight class.

UFC on Versus 5 takes place from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wis. on August 14, headlined by a welterweight bout between Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle.

Link to Original Source Article

Penick's Analysis: This is a much bigger fight from a name value fight for Taylor than the bout with Makdessi would have been. I would have really enjoyed seeing the first matchup, but in facing a fighter that has gotten a lot more exposure on television, Taylor might find himself on the main card of this event. After a good win but less than spectacular performance from Cerrone over Rocha, he'll be looking to put on a better performance, and that will make for a good fight.


Stephan Bonnar Lorenzo Borgomeo  Kyle Bradley  Jai Bradney 

Sakurai-Zaromskis II Set For DREAM Bantamweight Tournament Final

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer</B><BR><BR>

Just a few short years ago, Hayato ?Mach? Sakurai looked to be reinventing himself in the world of mixed martial arts. A threat to any man competing at welterweight (or lighter), ?Mach? was considered a fading fighter in 2004 after a series of frequent losses diminished the Japanese stars drawing power.<BR><BR>

But a return to peak form just two years later had pundits singing a new tune, and victories over Mac Danzig, Kuniyoshi Hironaka and Shinya Aoki looked like solid proof that Sakurai was once again climbing the ranks and establishing himself as a danger to upper echelon opposition.<BR><BR>

All that changed when a July, 2009 knockout loss to Marius Zaromskis triggered a four fight skid for the popular Japanese product.<BR><BR>

Now, two years later, Sakurai will be afforded the opportunity to avenge that loss, and put himself right back into the mix of the Japanese welterweight landscape, as the two will meet in a highly anticipated rematch on July 16th at Dream?s ?Fight for Japan: 2011 Bantamweight Tournament Final?.<BR><BR>

Check out the current fight lineup below.<BR><BR>

<B>DREAM Light Heavyweight Championship</B><BR>
-Gegard Mousasi vs. Hiroshi Izumi<BR><BR>

<B>DREAM Featherweight Championship</B><BR>
-Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Kazuyuki Miyata<BR><BR>

<B>DREAM Bantamweight Tournament Final</B><BR>
-Masakazu Imanari vs. Hideo Tokoro<BR><BR>

-Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Willamy Freire<BR>
-Marius Zaromskis vs. Hayato Sakurai<BR>
-Bruno Carvalho vs. Eiji Mitsuoka<BR>
-Keisuke Fujiwara vs. Kenji Osawa<BR>
-Todd Duffee vs. Nick Gaston<BR><BR>

Leave your feedback on this article by posting a comment directly below! You can also chat about the card in the <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>MMANEWS.COM Forums</B></A> and/or the <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>MMANEWS.COM Facebook</B></A>. If that wasn't enough, MMANEWS.COM is now on Twitter as well <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>@mmanewsdotcom</B></A>.<BR><BR>


Rolles Gracie Royce Gracie Royler Gracie Ryan Gracie

Matt Mitrione - Making Hype Reality


Rashad Evans Urijah Faber Wagnney Fabiano Kevin Kimbo Slice Ferguson

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Fond Farewell


Dos Caras Jr   Phil Cardella Roan Jucao Carneiro Shane The Engineer Carwin 

I'm going on a date-ish sort of thing tomorrow, looking for ideas.

Basically I'm meeting up with this girl for coffee, whom I barely know and have no clue whether or not we'll hit it off. The implications are kind of like a date and I don't really want to just have...


Allan Goes Takanori The Fireball Kid Gomi Akihiro Gono Gabriel Gonzaga

VIDEO: Highlights of Cheick Kongo's come from behind knockout of Pat Barry at UFC on Versus 4

If you missed last night's crazy UFC on Versus 4 main event between Cheick Kongo and Pat Barry, you missed a classic come from behind knockout victory for Kongo, as he survived an onslaught from Barry to knock him out cold in the first round. But fear not, as ESPN has highlights of the fight available online, and you can check it out below:

App Users Click Here For Video:


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UFC on Versus 4 picks, Vegas-style: Smaller isn&#8217;t necessarily better

The night of the weight cut! That's not a really a catchy title for a fight card, but it certainly represents a big part of the story at Sunday's UFC on Versus 4 card.

Nate Marquardt, Tyson Griffin, Joe Stevenson, Rich Attonito, Ricardo Lamas and Matt Grice are all dropping in weight. That could wreak havoc on bettors. How many of these guys get crushed by the weight cut?

Yahoo! Sports' lead MMA writer Kevin Iole joined us to give his picks on the fights using the Las Vegas betting lines.

UFC on VERSUS 4 betting odds (courtesy Venetian Resort Hotel Casino Las Vegas):

Nate Marquardt (-115) vs. Rick Story (-115) - Welterweight

Pat Barry (+170) vs. Cheick Kongo (-200) - Heavyweight

Matt Brown (+190) vs. John Howard (-240) - Welterweight

Christian Morecraft (+150) vs. Matt Mitrione (-180) - Heavyweight

Manny Gamburyan (+150) vs. Tyson Griffin (-180) - Featherweight

Javier Vazquez (+190) vs. Joe Stevenson (-240) - Featherweight

Curt Warburton (+250) vs. Joe Lauzon (-330) - Lightweight

Rich Attonito (-115) vs. Daniel Roberts (-115) - Welterweight

Nik Lentz (+210) vs. Charles Oliveira (-270) - Lightweight

Matt Grice (-115) vs. Ricardo Lamas (-115) - Featherweight

Edward Faaloloto (+300) vs. Michael Johnson (-400) - Lightweight


Royce Gracie Royler Gracie Ryan Gracie Peter Graham

PENICK: From gameshow winning Joe to MMA Pro, Charlie Brenneman gets massive opportunity at UFC on Versus 4

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Charlie Brenneman steps into the cage tonight at UFC on Versus 4 with a massive opportunity in front of him. Four years after making the move to being a professional MMA fighter, Brenneman has gotten a chance to fight a top contender in Rick Story on a day's notice on a nationally televised card on Versus, and should he pull off the upset, he'll shoot himself up in stature in the UFC's welterweight division.

In an interesting twist of fate, it was a Spike TV program that acted as a catalyst for him to get into the sport. In 2006, Brenneman competed on Spike's "Pros vs. Joes," and after winning the first season of the show he quit his teaching job to train full time as a fighter. In short order he had moved to the professional ranks, and railed off five straight wins to begin his career before a training injury almost cut it short.

Brenneman was nearly blinded after a high kick in sparring broke his orbital bone, but after undergoing emergency surgery to repair the damage - which included multiple plates being put into his face - Brenneman returned to action. A loss to fellow UFC on Versus 4 competitor John Howard in his return bout led him to joining a true fight camp after having previously handled his own training, and that decision helped him get to the UFC with a six fight win streak.

Since making his debut, Brenneman has posted victories over Jason High and Amilcar Alves, sandwiching the wins around only his second career loss, which came by way of TKO against Johny Hendricks last August.

That 2-1 mark in the Octagon brought him to tonight's event, where he was scheduled to meet Canadian welterweight T.J. Grant. However, an illness to Grant pulled him from the event at the last minute this week, and Brenneman was told to stay close to weight in case something happened to one of the six other welterweights on the card.

As his luck would have it, headliner Nate Marquardt was pulled from the card prior to the weigh-ins. Being on weight himself, Brenneman jumped at the opportunity to meet Rick Story, and has gone from an un-televised preliminary card fight to no fight at all to fighting one of the top fighters in the division in Story.

He's got an extremely difficult task ahead of him on Sunday night, but the element of surprise and lack of preparation time for an opponent is something he shares with Story, and that could work in Brenneman's favor as well as it could work against him. Because neither has been preparing for the other, there are a lot of unknowns for each coming into the fight, and if Brenneman can use that to his advantage coming in he could potentially pull off a massive upset and make for one hell of a story of his own.


Robert Berry David Bielkheden Michael Bisping  Dan Bobish

Miguel Torres Shares ?The Worst BJJ Injury To Ever Happen In His Gym? Photo

If you feel the need to see more, proceed at you own risk.

If you want to wish the guy well here is his Twitter –!/ParishRilentlis


Steve The Snake Claveau  Rich No Love Clementi  Mark The Hammer Coleman Wes Soldier Combs 

Schaub Talks Big Nog


He Peng David Heath Delson Heleno Dan Henderson

Give it up for Charlie Brenneman he did well.

Story's wrestling defense exposed, and Brenneman has great heart and guts! He kept his wit about him! A good replacement fight! Better look out, there are sharks swimming in this division.....


Andrew Gardner Tiki Ghosn Dennis George Kultar Gill

Sunday, June 26, 2011

John Makdessi injured, forced out of UFC on Versus 5 bout with Paul Taylor

Undefeated lightweight prospect John Makdessi will have to wait a little bit longer to get back to action. has learned from sources close to the event that Makdessi has been forced to withdraw from a planned UFC on Versus 5 contest with Paul Taylor.

An undisclosed injury is said to be the culprit, though Makdessi's manager, Mitch Mayberger, was unavailable for comment when contacted by


Terrance Aflague Yoshihiro Akiyama  Gilbert Aldana  José Aldo 

Strikeforce workouts: Barnett locks on figure four and does his best Dusty Rhodes

Josh Barnett definitely has a sense of humor. Let's just hope the stiffs from the California State Athletic Commission do as well.

During Strikeforce's workout day, Barnett took the media on a pro wrestling journey. There was a back breaker, chops to the chest and even a figure four leg lock.

When he spoke to the media it got even better:

"I've been sitting on the sidelines, sitting there watching everybody go out and fight. Hard times have been on Josh Barnett. Dealing with athletic commissions. Everybody saying, 'You did this, and you did that. You're the problem for this.' That's hard times. Hard times for my family. Hard times for my friends. Hard times by me. Hard times not being able to get a fight. Hard times is the company, waking up one day, is saying they've been sold out to your competitor! Not knowing what the hell you're going to do. Where's my contract at? Where's my money? Where's my security? Who says I'm going to get that shot now? Having that on your mind? That's hard times."

Barnett then turned his attention to Rogers:

"And then you get this big old Brett Rogers in front of you. He thinks he knows what's tough. He thinks he's going to make a name off of my head. So I've got to get up every morning, break of dawn. I've got to get those running shoes on. I've got to hit that concrete; I've got to get those miles under my feet. My knees are aching, my body is sore. I've got guys like 'Hammer' beating on me every single day. I've got body breaking down, my mind getting pushed, feeling the effects of 14 years of fighting - feeling the effects of trying to put yourself in the best condition you can be in. Waking up every day having to deal with that? That's what hard times is about.

"I'm going to tell you what Brett Rogers. Come Saturday, American Airlines Arena? I'm going to give you a lesson in hard times. I'm going to take all that anguish, all that pain, everything that I have been through, everything all my family has been through, everything all my coaches have been through - I'm going to put that on you, Brett Rogers. I'm going to show you exactly what hard times is about. Who wants to see that? Not you, Brett Rogers. You do not want to see that."

Sound familiar?


Kyle Bradley  Jai Bradney  Ebenezer Fontes Braga Chris Brennan

Nate says he will be back

Heres an article about his first official response and any lingering...


Jason Ellis Aleksander Emelianenko Fedor Emelianenko Yasubey Enomoto

Hector Lombard vs. Jesse Taylor targeted for August AFC event in Australia

Hector Lombard is headed back to his second home.

Sources close to negotiations today told that the Bellator middleweight champion has received permission to take a fight against "The Ultimate Fighter 7" veteran Jesse Taylor late this summer.

The bout is targeted for an Australian Fighting Championship event expected for Aug. 27, likely in Melbourne, Australia. The promotion's broadcast plans are unknown at this time.


Kit Cope  Wesley Cabbage Correira  Patrick The Predator Côté  Randy The Natural Couture 

Best Performance Of The Night: Josh Barnett At Strikeforce "Overeem vs. Werdum"

It?s that time once again, fans and friends. Another major MMA event has come and gone, and it?s time for my unofficial ?Best Performance of the Night? award. Strikeforce ?Overeem vs. Werdum? featured several strong performances, so it was tough to choose just one to highlight. We saw Chad Griggs blast apart Valentijn Overeem, Daniel [...]


Wilson Gouveia Jason Grace Crosley Gracie Gregor Gracie

Celeb jiu-jitsu showdown: Ashton Kutcher vs. &#8216;Al Bundy,&#8217; who wins?

A guy breaks into your home and gets on top of you. Can you find a way to get yourself off the floor?

Here's a shocker. Ed O'Neill of "Al Bundy" fame from "Married with Children" would probably be standing in a matter of seconds and chances are Ashton Kutcher would have no shot of rising to his feet. You ask why? The 61-year-old O'Neill has been training jiu-jitsu for 15 years, meanwhile Kutcher is a novice, who borrowed a black belt, during this recent visit to Brazil.

Black Belt Magazine tells the story that O'Neil, who played a dumpy shoe salesman on FOX's hit television show, got hooked on jiu-jitsu during a quick visit to Rorian Gracie's gym in Torrance, Ca.

O'Neil was pushed by a producer/writer friend John Milius to visit the gym. Gracie put "Al Bundy" through the robber drill and he failed.

Taking the bait, he asked Gracie how he'd managed to maintain complete control (while on top of O'Neil). Once the principle was explained the simplicity of the art floored O'Neil. He set up an appointment to begin training and has been rolling ever since.

Black Belt reports that in 2007, O'Neil received his black belt.

"Ed has a vast knowledge of moves," Gracie said. "He has great execution of the techniques and does them with a certain level of ease. We're worked with this guy every single week for 15 years."

Maybe Kutcher, 33, will have his black belt in 15 years. The photo is from Rio de Janeiro where Kutcher stopped in to visit a Carlson Gracie disciple.

Ashton Kutcher, [was in] yesterday, June 13, [to see] Ricardo de la Riva, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Ashton showed that understands the subject and trained very well with the black belts of the academy.

Ashton learned the secret of one of the world's most famous guards, the De la Riva guard, which was demonstrated by the master himself, to the finest detail.

Tip via Fightlinker


Dan Cramer Alberto Crane Marcio Pe de Pano Cruz Luke Cummo 

Dana White: Nick Diaz Vacates Strikeforce Championship, Flyweight Division, Five Round Non-Title Fights

UFC President Dana White certainly likes to keep fight fans and insiders on their toes. The always-controversial UFC President has made several major announcements in the days leading up to their next big event, UFC 131 ?Dos Santos vs. Carwin?. Chief amongst them is a trifecta of sweeping changes: the UFC will be adding a [...]


Andre Gusmao Alexander Gustafsson Jaime Gutierrez Dave Gomez

PICS: UFC on VERSUS 4 Weigh ins

2 hours before the weigh ins we started hearing the rumors about Nate Marquardt not being cleared to fight. When weigh ins got underway, Joe Rogan took the stage and said the Nate Marquardt wasn’t cleared to fight. Chieck Kongo & Pat Barry were moved up to the main event, and Charlie Brennamen who days [...]


John Alessio  Houston Alexander Ricardo Almeida  Eddie Alvarez

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Strikeforce Challengers 17

Strikeforce Challengers 17: Voelker vs. Bowling 3
Date: Jul 22, 2011
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Venue: The Pearl at the Palms Casino...


Jermaine Andrè  Yoji Anjo  Ao Hailin  Shinya Aoki 

Nate Marquardt scratched from UFC on Versus 4

One-time UFC middleweight title challenger Nate Marquardt will not be making his welterweight debut this weekend.


Don Frye Tony Fryklund Kazuyuki Fujita Masakatsu Funaki

UFC on Versus 4 Fight Card: Facebook Preliminary Fights Preview


Jaime Gutierrez Dave Gomez Keith Hackney Matt Hamill

"Marshal Arts"



Gerard Gordeau Jonathan Goulet Wilson Gouveia Jason Grace

Dave Herman Thinks Jiu-Jitsu Doesn't Work In MMA... Dave Herman Is Very, Very Wrong

Dave Herman burst onto the scene at ufc 131 with his thrilling come-from-behind victory over Jon Olav Einemo. The win extended Herman?s current win-streak to three straight fights, and the bout was so entertaining that both men were awarded a ?Fight of the Night? award and bonus. Recently, however, Herman gave a rather bizarre interview [...]


Wesley Cabbage Correira  Patrick The Predator Côté  Randy The Natural Couture  Dan Cramer

Top 5 Best Moments Of Strikeforce "Overeem vs. Werdum"

Strikeforce?s ?Overeem vs. Werdum? event has so far received some very diverse reactions. Many people argue over how the main event between Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum went down, with many agreeing that it was a bad fight that proved relatively little for both fighters. But this wasn?t a one-fight show, and we did see [...]


Bernard Ackah  Terrance Aflague Yoshihiro Akiyama  Gilbert Aldana 

Marius Zaromskis vs. 'Mach' Sakurai Rematch Booked for July 16 Dream Event

Filed under: , ,

Another champion has been added to DREAM's upcoming event as DREAM welterweight champion and 2009 Welterweight GP champion Marius Zaromskis will rematch former pound-for-pound great Hayato "Mach" Sakurai in a non-title bout at Fight for Japan: DREAM 2011 Bantamweight Japan Tournament Final.

Prior to their first meeting during the 2009 Welterweight GP, Sakurai had struggled badly to cut the required weight and questions were raised as to his readiness and commitment to fighting. During the bout however, Sakurai traded evenly with Zaromskis early but was eventually on the receiving end of the Lithuanian's signature head kick and was pounded out for the first round stoppage.

Since then, although the reigning champion Zaromskis has managed to pick up two more wins in Japan and keep his belt but his trips to America have been disastrous, going 0-3 with one no contest. Sakurai has been even more troubled since their first meeting as the knockout loss was the start of an 0-4 slide that has yet to be broken.

The full card after the break.

DREAM - Fight For Japan: 2011 Bantamweight Japan Tournament Final
July 16 at Ariake Coliseum, Tokyo, Japan

DREAM Light Heavyweight Championship
Gegard Mousasi vs. Hiroshi Izumi

DREAM Featherweight Championship
Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Kazuyuki Miyata

Bantamweight Japan Tournament Final
Masakazu Imanari vs. Hideo Tokoro

Bantamweight Japan Tournament Third Place
Keisuke Fujiwara vs. Kenji Osawa

Marius Zaromskis vs. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai
Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Willamy Freire
Todd Duffee vs. Nick Gaston
Eiji Mitsuoka vs. Bruno Carvalho


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Manvel Gamburyan Sean Gannon Edgar Garcia Leonard Garcia

This makes me think of @medievaltimes & @seanshelby

@dannyrube , didn’t forget u!!! *hugs*


Alexander Gustafsson Jaime Gutierrez Dave Gomez Keith Hackney

Friday, June 24, 2011

UFC Live 4 Predictions And Analysis

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer</B><BR><BR>

The Consol Energy Center will play host to the upcoming UFC Live 4 this Sunday, as the promotion heads for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Headlining the event will be the welterweight debut of longtime middleweight contender Nate ?The Great? Marquardt, who will lock horns with red-hot prospect Rick Story.<BR><BR>

If the main event itself isn?t compelling, you may find interest in a pair of heavyweight bouts that will help outline the upper echelon and legitimate prospects of the division. First up, fans will be treated to a collision between rising Roufusport product, Matt Mitrione, who meets the unpredictable Christian Morecraft. In the evening?s co-headlining bout Cheick Kongo will tangle with fellow striker Pat Barry for a chance to make a solid advancement in the heavyweight ranks.<BR><BR>

Check out a breakdown of the full main card below:<BR><BR>

<B>Matt Mitrione vs. Christian Morecraft:</B><BR><BR>

This here is a battle to earn genuine respect amongst the promotions fellow big men. Both men are big, powerful strikers, and both show up to finish fights, often putting themselves at risk in search of the big stoppage victory. Mitrione is the technically superior of the two men, and he?s also the more athletic of the two. That said, he?s a little more cautious and methodical in his approach than Morecraft, which could spell doom for the former TUF contestant.<BR><BR>

If Morecraft can force Mitrione into some fast-paced early exchanges, he could land a big fight finishing shot, or take this fight to the ground where he likely holds a slight edge in positional control as well as jiu-jitsu.<BR><BR>

Having noted Morecraft?s positive attributes, I don?t favor him in this encounter. Mitrione improves with each trip to the octagon, and I expect to see that progression continue forth Sunday night. Matt will keep his distance and utilize fast, powerful straight punches to catch the lumbering Morecraft coming in.<BR><BR>

Many critics are predicting a long drawn out battle between these two, but I see a conclusion in the first frame. Matt Mitrione by technical knockout midway through round one.<BR><BR><!--more-break-->

<B>Matt Brown vs. John Howard:</B><BR><BR>

There are a handful of fights on this card that look like potential ?fight of the night? candidates. This one however, may prove to be the true barn burner of the night.<BR><BR>

Most analysts are eyeing Howard as the more dangerous man in this contest, and while I?ll admit he?s got legitimate knockout power, I?m not completely convinced he?s the superior fighter. Matt Brown shows up confident 100 percent of the time, and he aims to finish from the opening bell. Thus far, ?The Immortal?s? poison appears to be his jiu-jitsu defense, and Howard isn?t exactly known as a submission machine.<BR><BR>

I expect to see both of these men land some massive shots, and both will likely stare a finish in the face more than once. Howard holds a big edge in the wrestling department, but Brown has a dangerous guard.<BR><BR>

After numerous near finishes I?m picking Matt Brown to shock fans with a third round triangle choke victory to ensure another appearance inside the octagon.<BR><BR>

<B>Cheick Kongo vs. Patrick Barry:</B><BR><BR>

Should these two choose to stand and trade, fight fans are in for a highlight reel finish without a doubt. Who lands the ?lights out? strike is questionable, but both of these men possess the power and technical refinement to render top flight opposition unconscious.<BR><BR>

All that mumbo jumbo said, this one will not remain on the feet long.<BR><BR>

Cheick Kongo has a natural knack for wrestling, and although he doesn?t bring a very impressive pedigree to the table, he?s developed some pretty good takedowns; his ground and pound has also become absolutely vicious over the last five years. Coupled with a significant size advantage, these are all the tools Kongo will need to exit the cage with his ninth UFC victory.<BR><BR>

The end comes after a barrage of brutal punches from the top position open up a gnarly gash on the face of Barry, who the ref kindly saves late in round two.<BR><BR><!--more-break-->

<B>Nate Marquardt vs. Rick Story:</B><BR><BR>

Predicting the outcome of this fight feels near impossible; there are just too many variables to form a logical analysis of the fight.<BR><BR>

The facts of the matter are simple: Marquardt has been an elite competitor at 185 pounds for years, while Rick Story is riding a wave of momentum at welterweight that have him positioned on the verge of a title bid. But, we?ve never seen Nate compete at 170 pounds, we have no idea how he?ll respond to the weight cut, and the biggest hole in his game happens to be Story?s greatest strength: wrestling.<BR><BR>

If Marquardt handles the cut well, he?ll likely appear the crisper fighter, as his striking is superior to Story?s, as is his submission game. He holds a massive edge in experience and a superior fight IQ, but again, the divisional drop could potentially negate those advantages.<BR><BR>

My brain tells me Nate makes the cut with relative ease, and isn?t too depleted come fight time. My gut tells me Story seizes another massive opportunity, and leapfrogs the majority of the division with a decision win over the Greg Jackson product.<BR><BR>

This one is a tough, tough call for me, but I?m going with my gut here; Story grinds out a three round decision victory that looks similar to his bout with Thiago Alves. The win aligns him for a shot at the winner of the upcoming Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz championship fight.<BR><BR>

Leave your feedback on my predictions/analysis and the UFC Live 4 event in general by posting a comment directly below! You can also chat about the card in the <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>MMANEWS.COM Forums</B></A> and/or the <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>MMANEWS.COM Facebook</B></A>. If that wasn't enough, MMANEWS.COM is now on Twitter as well <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B>@mmanewsdotcom</B></A>.<BR><BR>


Rodrigo Gracie

Ailton Barbosa wins Bellator open tryout, earns spot on Bellator 50 card

Veteran welterweight fighter Ailton Barbosa was the winner of this past weekend's Bellator open tryouts in Hollywood, Fla.

Officials today confirmed with that Barbosa topped the 60-man field and now has earned a spot on the Bellator 50 fight card.

The season-five event takes place Sept. 17 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood.


Ed Herman Heath Herring Branden Lee Hinkle Tank Abbott